So you’re moving or renovating your home or office, now what?  We are excited to help by making your move easier, safer, and much cooler.  Oh, and save you a bunch money.

So how can MI Moving Boxes help? Well, we are a local company that provides recycled plastic moving boxes that get delivered to your doorstep when you say so. Say goodbye forever to banana boxes!

Since the boxes fold shut and snap together, there is NO need for tape, they stack perfectly on top of each other, and oh yea, did I mention no tape required?!  Do to their superhero type strength, there are no weight limits with these awesome creations of glory. When is the last time you stacked a dresser on a box you stole from work? Each box comes with its very own label for easy identifying when you begin unloading into your new place.  Also if you happen to move on a day that it is raining or snowing, no worries, they can handle that too (they can’t control the weather, but they are weather proof).

MI Moving Boxes are equipped with wheels, which drastically reduces heavy lifting throughout your move and saves tears, sweat and your back. These specially designed rubber wheels make for easy maneuvering throughout your home or office as well as into truck ramps.  Once you have safely moved all your belongings and unpacked, we show up smiling to retrieve our much missed boxes. Since these are plastic and reusable, you don’t have to do the cardboard stomp dance routine to breakdown 100 boxes and then cram your trash bin full for the next month. The trees around the World are applauding you now, do you hear them?

As an added bonus, if you do hire a moving company, MI Moving Boxes will save you money on the back end because these take much less time to load into a moving truck.  Since they stack perfectly, they take up less space, which means less trips to move. Can you say win, win, win?!
We only need a day or so heads up when you need them, and no crazy penalties if you need them a bit longer, we understand how quickly things can change when it comes to moving.  So book months in advance or days before you need them.
That pretty much sums everything up, happy packing, and happy moving!

Your new best friends at MI Moving