Why MI Moving Boxes?

MI Moving Boxes offers an eco-friendly approach to service, that refrains from a dependency on wasteful cardboard products. Our boxes can store all of your valuables for the moving process, are easily maneuverable, stackable and save space. Their recyclable composition ensures no waste products are added to the environment, and most of all they are inexpensive. We also offer free delivery and pickup for all residences and businesses within a 20 mile radius of Grand Rapids.

What are the delivery and pick up fees?

If your residence or commercial business is located within a 20 mile radius of Grand Rapids, we offer free delivery and pick up services. Additional fees apply for locations beyond the 20 mile radius. Please contact us for information.

What are the rental time frames?

The normal time frame for renting MI Moving Boxes is 3 weeks. For each additional day or week there is an associated fee. Please contact us for information regarding additional fees for longer rental periods.

How far do you service?

For inquiries about whether or not we can deliver to your area or the associated cost please contact us.

What are the sizes?

The boxes are 27 inches in length, 12 inches in height and 17 inches in depth. They are made of durable, water and dust resistant materials that won’t suffer from the degradation experienced by withering cardboard.

Can I choose pick-up and delivery times?

All delivery and pick up hours are subject to our hours of service; however, we remain flexible. Normative delivery and pickup hours are from 8am to 5pm, however feel free to inquire about additional service hours.

When do I pay?

All payments are made beforehand.

Are the boxes clean?

Before each move the boxes are inspected and cleaned. Due to their reusable composition, this is necessary so that other clients can continue to take advantage of their waste saving properties.

Do you provide other packaging materials?

For information regarding packing services please contact us for a more detailed description of our services

How much weight can they hold?

100lbs is the max weight we would recommend.